Open Rental

IHA open rentals apartments

  • What is IHA’s Open Rentals?
    An extensive short term apartment listing which allows you to assume an existing lease from another person or company prior to the lease termination date. You assume the remaining lease responsibility, allowing the original lessor to walk away without paying any cancellation fees or penalties.

  • Listing your Open Rental?
    If you need to break your lease due to purchasing a home, relocating or other circumstances, list your single family home, townhouse or apartment with IHA’s Open Rental to find a responsible and professional person or family to assume you lease.

  • What’s in it for you?
    You can rent an upscale apartment at a reduced monthly rate with minimal security deposits. You can find short term rentals from one to 12 months at drastically reduced rates. Also, avoid paying administrative fees which could save you hundreds of dollars.

    Some units are fully furnished with housewares and electronics so you can save time and money on delivery, set up and other arrangements.





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