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Michael D. Young

- How did a corporate executive who spent the last 10 years with Hewlett Packard get into the business of helping nurses and other medical professionals relocate to the U.S.? Well my journey began 10 years ago in Anniston Alabama, where I spent an average of 3-4 days a week a for a full year in the local ICU ward supporting my mother who was fighting breast cancer. I quickly noticed and admired the compassion, courage, professionalism and support of the nurses who provided my mother and other patients with daily life sustaining care.  I also noticed the long and tiring hours these wonderful people had to endure as a result of a shortage of nurses and I quickly realized as most of us unfortunately do not, the tremendous role nurses play in our lives and the enormous sacrifices these wonderful people make to work in a field surrounded by pain, suffering and death to bring joy and life to others on a daily basis. I was so inspired by their love and compassion; I knew someday I wanted to do something more meaningful than chasing corporate revenue and profits to help others as they do.

I read an article about how so many nurses travel city to city or from foreign countries to help fill the growing need for professional help care providers in our country. Then imagined the tremendous sacrifice and stress they willingly endure moving away from home, friends and family for months or several years just to help others. My wife and I began to research companies who provide relocation assistance to traveling nurses and quickly realized there’s an inadequate number of companies who provide “quality” or even adequate support.  So we decided to create the kind of relocation assistance company that nurses and other help care professionals deserve, “unlimited 24/7” relocation support committed to insure they experience a worry-free move and hopefully make their lives a little easier.  So this business born from nurses who inspired me with their support of my mother is my own small but hopefully meaningful way of saying “thank you” for all you do to help others. We honor this commitment by striving to serve as your extended family and assist you with whatever you need to establish a secure and safe home away from home!


Svetlana Young

Born in Sumy Ukraine , she speaks four languages and has a master’s degree., Svetlana is the backbone of International Housing Assistance. She came to the U.S. in 2005 as a project manager for Hewlett Packard and once her projected ended she decided to take on an entirely new and even toucher assignment, become Mrs. Young.l
Svetlana’s philosophy is to give her customers more value than they expect and do it consistently.
 She works tireless hours to deliver quality work for her clients but never once complaints or take credit for her work. She insists that she’s part of the IHA team and the entire team takes responsibility when we make individual mistakes and the team should also get the credit when we deliver value for our clients.
She has a unique and rare gift to take  a challenging situations and resolve them in such as way to ensure it works best for her customers even when it might not necessary be the best approach for IHA. Customer first mentally consumes her day!






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